Monday, 30 June 2014

Pink butterfly themed first birthday

This Pink butterfly birthday was a delight to make. we tried to add our lot of unique touches to the birthday #handmadeHats, and Tutu skirt for Cakestand.

We are Turning ONE. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to us. :)

We are turning ONE today.

Time has definitely flew over.  We never assumed that what we loved to create for friend's birthdays and celebrations will land us here at Redvelvet Partys.

RedVelvet Partys kicked off with the Lego Party that we did for own ( Click Here  ).  Words of encouragement from friends and family did give us that strength to make it a career  and here we are now ready to celebrate our first year anniversary.

It has not been a easy ride as anyone can imagine.

When our peers were having coffee dates and play dates we were networking or playing with gluegun to create our next product.

When everyone was having a Friday movie nights  we would be madly dashing to organise, pack and checklist our products for the weekend partys.

Thursday, 26 June 2014

Inspiration : Party Hats

Birthday Hats sends the cheer and sets a great mood for a party.

Looking back the past year we have evolved a lot from store bought hat to Handmade hats.

These two were store bought but were right and perfect for the party we had.