Thursday, 25 July 2013

Lego birthday party for 6 year old boy

Hrithik is turning 6. Can't imagine all the time that is flying.

He is so much into Lego and it is Lego Bricks this time. So LEGO BRICKS were chosen for the theme and we worked around 4 colours of the bricks.

The Banner on a black background

The Table decor

Tables were set up around the venue matching the theme . - Polk a dotted table clothes with matching chain links and balloons hanging from the walls and a matching polka dotted mini cupcake stand.

The Cake table with polka dotted balloons to go with the theme. Birthday Boy's age is made out of Lego Bricks and set on a Lego board.

Dessert table are so made of a trend today, especially for kids birthday parties. So we went with Lego covered juices, polka dotted pop corns, lollies to fruit sticks - all to represent and to go with our four coloured scheme.

 Chk out the cutlery and tissue stand made from lego bricks too. we got this inspiration from

we also got the name plates and lego cupcakes to go with the party

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