Monday, 28 July 2014

Colour Wheel - Colour Theory

Wonder why some parties stand out the crowd ? It is all in the details but also in the colour scheme and the complimentary colours that accompany them.

Colour theory can be daunting but essential part in planning a party. A helpful tool to play with colour wheel.

A color wheel (also referred to as a color circle) is a visual representation of colors arranged according to their chromatic relationship.

For fail safe, try pairing with the adjacent colour , orange with shades of orange,  blue with shades of blue.

Complimentary colours are those that is directly opposite to each other, for example ( red with green, blue with orange) They compliment each other and really stands out.

Pastel Shades colour wheel

You can follow the same style for the pastel shades like the basic colour wheel. Pair with similar shades or pair with complimentary colours.

With the mordern trend, Gold is the new black , pair with pastel shades to bring a bling into your next party.

Now style, and style with a bling.